Now for the hard part (SQE2) … but let’s make it easy for you.

Don’t waste your valuable preparation time: we have selected practical examples for you and will walk you through them, so that you know EXACTLY what to expect in the SQE2 exam.

SQE1 Diagrams on Wills and Administration of estates, wills tax and an example. This diagram is helpful for SQE exam preparation with visual learning

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Our SQE2 preparation course is logically divided into modules to help you cover just the areas that you need to pass SQE1 exam. Curriculums of modules are aligned with SRA published syllabus.

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What you get in your SQE1 and SQE2 Preparation courses, as part of your subscription

– Focused material: You’ll learn just what you need to know to pass the exam – no more and no less.

Learn faster: In less time, and you avoid getting lost in reams of unnecessary study material.

– Practice tests: You can test your knowledge with us as you go along with practice SQE1 exam questions and worked answers, that you’re familiar with the exam format and the kinds of questions that could be asked in the SQE1 exam.


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Absolutely fantastic, very well condensed! Colour highlighted notes were extremely helpful and the structure of the lectures/modules are well executed and easy to understand. The diagrams are the cherry on top for an SQE preparation course. It wasn’t like opening up a law text book and getting drenched in cases.


Jim Wesson

Jim testimonial sqe futuresolicitor

I’ve signed up for this and have been overwhelmed by the training materials content, it really is superb

Jim Wesson

Sukhvinder Nara

I would strongly recommend to all SQE aspirants to join his courses which are designed in a way that you will not waste your time on unnecessary study material and get the relevant material only so that you can prepare and get success in a very less time. The best thing is that he is a Barrister who knows the intricacies of law, he designed the courses with his focused approach and deep understanding of law which he acquired through his academic knowledge and long experience in legal profession.

Sukhvinder Nara

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