Dispute Resolution (SQE2)

Course Content

Liability, quantum and costs (legal writing)

  • smart_displayStep-by-step walkthrough (practise SQE2 test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectModel SQE2 answer (advice to client)
  • subjectExample documents for an SQE2 ‘advice to client’ exercise

Particulars of Claim exercise (legal drafting)

  • smart_displayStep-by-step walkthrough (practice SQE2 Particulars of Claim test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectModel SQE2 answer (Particulars of Claim)
  • subjectExample documents for a SQE2 Particulars of Claim exercise

Disclosure (Case & matter analysis)

  • smart_displayStep-by-step walkthrough (practise SQE2 Disclosure test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectModel SQE2 answer (analysis of disclosure issues)
  • subjectExample documents for a SQE2 exam disclosure exercise
Visual learning

The course provides unique diagrams you won’t find anywhere else, distilling what you need to know for the exam into videos and manageable, bite-sized colourful study notes. This means you’ll understand the material faster and retain the knowledge longer so you remember it when you’re in the exam.

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Sukhvinder Nara

I would strongly recommend to all SQE aspirants to join his courses which are designed in a way that you will not waste your time on unnecessary study material and get the relevant material only so that you can prepare and get success in a very less time. The best thing is that he is a Barrister who knows the intricacies of law, he designed the courses with his focused approach and deep understanding of law which he acquired through his academic knowledge and long experience in legal profession.

Sukhvinder Nara

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín

As a qualified lawyer trained in another jurisdiction interested in the SQE route, Future Solicitor offers exactly the services I was looking for! The versatile platform is easy to navigate and it allows users to move easily between modules depending on your needs. For instance, in my own Civil Law jurisdiction the fields of Criminal Law or Tort Law are taught distinctively differently to how these areas work in the English Common Law tradition, so I knew I needed to devote more time to that course than to Public Law or Dispute Resolution. I also found the study notes and practice exams very helpful to retain key information —especially when it came to memorising salient titles and sections. I am certain the platform will prove to be a key resource for both UK-based degree-level students and foreign lawyers trained in other jurisdictions who seek to be qualified in the English legal market!

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín


This really is the best SQE course out there! The SQE preparation course is the most comprehensive course in this area that I have come across. It is very user-friendly and really easy to navigate to each section. There is over a 1,000 extremely helpful videos that make even the hardest areas easier to understand. Moreover, there are lots of really helpful diagrams which break everything down and allow you to visualise concepts. The notes on this SQE preparation course are really detailed and helpful. I have lots of friends who need to do the SQE exams and I will be telling all of them to use this course to pass the exam. It really is amazing and the best I have come across!