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Jim Wesson

Jim testimonial sqe futuresolicitor

I’ve signed up for this and have been overwhelmed by the training materials content, it really is superb


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Excellent videos – it really helps to break up the SQE topics, and the diagrams are super helpful!

John Myddleton

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I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Each of the many detailed legal issues was explained with great clarity, however complex it was. Each legal point is outlined by this very experienced lawyer, and the actual wording of each part of the law is written on the screen as he speaks. Examples from decisive court cases are used to clarify each point of law.

It was especially helpful to be able to pause or repeat each point to fully absorb and record it in my notes.

Altogether, a clear, accessible explanation of every point in this extensive field.

A highly recommended course!


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This really is the best SQE course out there! The SQE preparation course is the most comprehensive course in this area that I have come across. It is very user-friendly and really easy to navigate to each section. There is over a 1,000 extremely helpful videos that make even the hardest areas easier to understand. Moreover, there are lots of really helpful diagrams which break everything down and allow you to visualise concepts. The notes on this SQE preparation course are really detailed and helpful. I have lots of friends who need to do the SQE exams and I will be telling all of them to use this course to pass the exam. It really is amazing and the best I have come across!


Future Solicitor has created a great set of lectures, with all concepts explained clearly and concisely. Couldn’t recommend enough; the lecturer is great!

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín

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As a qualified lawyer trained in another jurisdiction interested in the SQE route, Future Solicitor offers exactly the services I was looking for! The versatile platform is easy to navigate and it allows users to move easily between modules depending on your needs. For instance, in my own Civil Law jurisdiction the fields of Criminal Law or Tort Law are taught distinctively differently to how these areas work in the English Common Law tradition, so I knew I needed to devote more time to that course than to Public Law or Dispute Resolution. I also found the study notes and practice exams very helpful to retain key information —especially when it came to memorising salient titles and sections. I am certain the platform will prove to be a key resource for both UK-based degree-level students and foreign lawyers trained in other jurisdictions who seek to be qualified in the English legal market!


I am delighted that I discovered this course, which made passing the SQE so much more manageable for me. I found the videos, diagrams and notes extremely helpful and thorough. I also found the mock exams useful, as they gave me a lot of confidence. I am unsure how I would have passed the SQE without it. Outstanding course – highly recommend for anyone wanting to pass.


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This is an excellent, extensive course covering complicated topics with a lot of detail. Not only are the video lessons useful and easy to follow, study notes with diagrams and practice exams are included throughout, letting me to test my understanding and see my progress. Highly recommended!


This course has such a wide range of easy to use and digestable platforms: text, images, videos, diagrams, study notes! The website is super easy to navigate and keeps track of my progress. I like the small details such as the Course Curriculum containing images of what type content to expect next (video next or text or test). I like that you can change the settings so the videos don’t auto play or auto play, depending on your preference. I like that they provide the length of the videos in the curriculum so I can manage my time.


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Future Solicitors Preparation Course is a great tool for anyone aiming to excel in the Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam. With a comprehensive library of over 1,200 videos, mock exams, visually engaging diagrams and notes, and a simple and straightforward user interface, this course offers a great depth of content delivered with clarity.

Sukhvinder Nara

I would strongly recommend to all SQE aspirants to join his courses which are designed in a way that you will not waste your time on unnecessary study material and get the relevant material only so that you can prepare and get success in a very less time. The best thing is that he is a Barrister who knows the intricacies of law, he designed the courses with his focused approach and deep understanding of law which he acquired through his academic knowledge and long experience in legal profession.


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I feel very fortunate to have found the Future Solicitor program, aside from the very positive and catchy name “Future Solicitor” I would like to commend the creators of this program for a very well structured, modern and very user friendly interface and program. I particularly liked the subscription model as this made it more affordable and accessible than other programs. The interface is very user-friendly and the structure of the content is very well thought through and nicely designed for non-technical people like me. As a foreign lawyer, the structure of the program assisted me greatly in understanding the various aspects of the English and Welsh curriculum in a simple manner. The videos are bite-sized and the notes are very manageable. The study notes and flow diagrams made very complex concepts and principles much easier to understand and apply. The fact that the content is pre-recorded is a major advantage of this program especially for busy professionals and is very travel friendly. I highly recommend this program for SQE preparation.

Guy Mayo

The course has inspired me to qualify in order to strengthen my skill set as a property developer. Despite coming from an engineering and construction career the course is extremely user friendly. Cannot recommend strongly enough !


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Really brilliant, accessible course. Exactly what I was hoping for – highly recommended.


This is an excellent resource for SQE preparation, offering over abundant videos, mock exams, diagrams, and clear notes. Personally, it greatly helped me pass the SQE, with insightful content and confidence-boosting mock exams. I highly recommend it for SQE candidates. The course simplified complex legal concepts, and the experienced instructor provides on-screen legal text, using real court cases for illustration. The option to pause and review content was really helpful. Overall, it’s a concise, accessible, and highly recommended resource for SQE success.

I highly recommend it!

Charles Marshall

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Tom Bradford condenses complex law into bitesize, digestible and articulate lessons. The structure of lessons, sample questions and exemplar answers cover the SQE material comprehensively and will leave you well prepared for the exam.


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An excellent preparation course for those planning to qualify through the SQE route. The course is broken down into multiple lessons, each of which is accompanied by an explainer video on what the SQE exam will test for and easily understandable diagrams for study notes. All of this allows for ease of reference for future revision before the SQE exam. On top of that, the mock exams included with this course help significantly in preparing for the SQE route. Definitely recommend for an efficient and comprehensive overview of the SQE route.

Vishal Sancheti

Fantastic e-learning platform! The courses are well-structured, engaging, and cover a wide range of topics. The interactive assignments really enhance learning. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone looking to acquire new skills or knowledge.


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The structure of Solicitors Qualifying Examination was helpful and how the videos are presented. The layout is great and optimised in a way that also makes it phone friendly so you can truly access it anywhere! Not only very engaging and user friendly, but sets you for your clear path to success.

Frank Lereen

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Tom is a barrister who has fully integrated his unique methodology on transforming the otherworldly legal terms and complex immigration-related legal situations into the most graspable contents and comprehensible solutions.

I’d be expecting from this SQE preparation course something as barrier-melting as from his works on the clients’ end in terms of situation-analysing, solution-proposing and re-designing information into the most processable forms to all minds in general!


Absolutely fantastic, very well condensed! Colour highlighted notes were extremely helpful and the structure of the lectures/modules are well executed and easy to understand. The diagrams are the cherry on top for an SQE preparation course. It wasn’t like opening up a law text book and getting drenched in cases.

Vish Vishvanath

Wow, brilliantly organized course that somehow makes you feel like a genius after having done each section – everything is clearly explained and super insightful, it’s like the Khan Academy for SQE, and all the content is easy to handle at whatever pace you want to go.


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The Future solicitor SQE prep course was extremely easy to use. The layout is great and optimised in a way that also makes it phone friendly so you can truly access it anywhere! The course keeps your progress and tells you how long each section should take allowing you to plan your leaning. The colourful diagrams really helped with memorising processes for me! Highly recommend!