Criminal Law (SQE2)

Course Content

Liability and admissibility (Case & matter analysis)

  • smart_displayStep-by-step walkthrough (practise SQE2 Liability and admissibility test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectModel SQE2 answer (Liability and admissibility)
  • subjectExample documents for SQE2 Liability and admissibility exam exercise

Bail Task

  • smart_displayModel SQE2 answer (Bail Task)
  • subjectStep-by-step walkthrough (practise SQE2 Bail Task test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectExample documents for SQE2 Bail Task exam exercise


  • smart_displayModel SQE2 answer (Hearsay)
  • subjectStep-by-step walkthrough (practise SQE2 Hearsay test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectExample documents for SQE2 Hearsay exam exercise
Visual learning

The course provides unique diagrams you won’t find anywhere else, distilling what you need to know for the exam into videos and manageable, bite-sized colourful study notes. This means you’ll understand the material faster and retain the knowledge longer so you remember it when you’re in the exam.

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Guy Mayo

The course has inspired me to qualify in order to strengthen my skill set as a property developer. Despite coming from an engineering and construction career the course is extremely user friendly. Cannot recommend strongly enough !

Guy Mayo

Frank Lereen

Tom is a barrister who has fully integrated his unique methodology on transforming the otherworldly legal terms and complex immigration-related legal situations into the most graspable contents and comprehensible solutions.

I’d be expecting from this SQE preparation course something as barrier-melting as from his works on the clients’ end in terms of situation-analysing, solution-proposing and re-designing information into the most processable forms to all minds in general!

Frank Lereen


This is an excellent, extensive course covering complicated topics with a lot of detail. Not only are the video lessons useful and easy to follow, study notes with diagrams and practice exams are included throughout, letting me to test my understanding and see my progress. Highly recommended!