Wills and the Administration of Estates (SQE2)

Course Content

Revocation (Legal writing)

  • smart_displayStep-by-step walkthrough (practice SQE2 Revocation test exercise and explanation of the answer) - Video
  • subjectModel SQE2 answer (Revocation)
  • subjectExample documents for SQE2 Revocation exam exercise
Visual learning

The course provides unique diagrams you won’t find anywhere else, distilling what you need to know for the exam into videos and manageable, bite-sized colourful study notes. This means you’ll understand the material faster and retain the knowledge longer so you remember it when you’re in the exam.

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Jim Wesson

Jim testimonial sqe futuresolicitor

I’ve signed up for this and have been overwhelmed by the training materials content, it really is superb

Jim Wesson


This course has such a wide range of easy to use and digestable platforms: text, images, videos, diagrams, study notes! The website is super easy to navigate and keeps track of my progress. I like the small details such as the Course Curriculum containing images of what type content to expect next (video next or text or test). I like that you can change the settings so the videos don’t auto play or auto play, depending on your preference. I like that they provide the length of the videos in the curriculum so I can manage my time.


John Myddleton

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Each of the many detailed legal issues was explained with great clarity, however complex it was. Each legal point is outlined by this very experienced lawyer, and the actual wording of each part of the law is written on the screen as he speaks. Examples from decisive court cases are used to clarify each point of law.

It was especially helpful to be able to pause or repeat each point to fully absorb and record it in my notes.

Altogether, a clear, accessible explanation of every point in this extensive field.

A highly recommended course!

John Myddleton