Key takeaways: The SQE Virtual Conference 2024

🔊 We attended the SQE Virtual Conference 2024. 

This was for education and training providers and organisations offering qualifying work experience (QWE). 

Here are the key takeaways!

SQE1 Pass Rates

  • The overall pass rate for SQE1 was 51% (January 2024 sitting).
  • For the SQE1 exam in July 2023 it was 53%. 
  • People underperformed on FLK2. The SRA suggested this may be due to exam fatigue.
  • The January 2024 intake was the largest to date, with 6,500 candidates!

SQE2 Pass Rates

  • The overall pass rate for SQE2 was 20% higher than SQE1. 
  • The pass rate for SQE2 was 75% (overall). 
  • SQE2 pass rates were 88% for those who had previously sat SQE1.
  • SQE2 pass rates were 66% for those who had not taken SQE1. Lawyers exempt from SQE1 seemed to be struggling!

🧑‍💻 Qualifying Work Experience – New Points

  • Legal clinics are important in providing qualifying work experience.
  • Students and their supervisors need to make sure their paperwork aligns with the Solicitors’ Competence Statement. 
  • 5,000 people got qualifying work experience in November 2023! The SRA said it seems to be relatively easy to get!
  • 90% of candidates with qualifying work experience said they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with it. 

💷 SQE Fees Increase!

From October 2024 the fees will be: 

  • SQE1: £1,888 (up from £1,798)
  • SQE2: £2,902 (up from £2,766)

SQE Syllabus Changes

Candidates will be able to opt to take the SQE1 assessment in Welsh from January 2025.


Struggling To Prepare For The Exam?

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