How hard is it to pass SQE1?

We have the stats for the SQE1 January 2024 exams! What do they show?

  • Dispute Resolution is the hardest area to pass. We have a targeted preparation course just on this subject.
  • Next hardest is Wills and Intestacy. Our preparation module on this is here if you need to do some last minute prep.
  • The practice areas with top scores for FLK1 were Ethics and Contract Law.

Those who had a degree seemed to do better in the exam:

Those WITHOUT qualifying work experience seem to do slightly better! Maybe they have not had enough time to prep? Check out the stats:

Surprisingly, non-lawyers did slightly better than foreign qualified lawyers in SQE1:

Whether you speak English as your first language does not seem to matter! Here are the stats:

Struggling to prepare for the SQE1 exam?
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