Mayrui's Experience taking SQE with Future Solicitor

My Experience Taking SQE1

My name is Mayuri and I’m from South Africa. I’ve been working for about 18 years in the financial sector then ecology. I did not know anything about the SQE or laws in England and Wales. My classmate, who was doing a Master’s with me and was going down the doctorate route, recommended the course and said I was already potentially qualified with my existing work experience. 

What were the benefits of doing SQE1 with Future Solicitor

The SQE1 course with Future Solicitor is a really good one. There are many reasons for this.

SQE-Focused course

The course is focused on what you need to know for the SQE1 – the structure is well-suited to the exam. As I started late, in September, I did not have to go through thick and heavy legal textbooks to pass my SQE1.

Pre-Recorded videos

The videos suited a working professional like me as there are pre-recorded lectures which we can listen to when we have free time, instead of 5-hour long live lectures like some of the other providers give. Also, the timing of the lectures did not matter as they were pre-recorded. I would not have been able to attend live lectures. This would have caused a lot of anxiety and if the catchup option wasn’t there, I would have felt I missed a lot. For example, I did try another preparation course with another provider and there the lectures were live. This caused a lot of anxiety for me. I need to know there is a backup option to watch a recording or to rejoin it.

The videos could be watched offline and allowed rewind and pause. If I did not get something immediately then I could go back. It gave me a lot of comfort to know that the information was there when I needed it.

So the length of the lectures was perfect. Other legal education providers offer lectures which are too long: four or five hours at a time. If you are a working professional, it is not possible to fit this in your work schedule.

The videos have a summary where the presenter emphasises the points that are important for the exams. This helped me tremendously to capture and remember the main points. This also helped with my preparation and the focus. You are reminded about the concept learnt as well as the application. For some of the lengthier areas e.g. contract law and criminal law, it was really helpful to have that focus and those moments of reflection to make sure it is a topic you understand.

The sound quality and technical quality of the videos were very good and easy to follow.

User-friendly colourful study notes

The content structure of the course was also user-friendly as there were study notes, a summary and a video for each topic. The study notes were student-friendly too as they were concise, colourful, with diagrams (I am a visual learner) and bite-sized. 

Helpful mock exams

There was a good distribution of questions for the mock exams too: there were two sections. There was a section on exam questions per category and there was a section which was a mixed basket of all the topics. 

The option to check your answer was also very helpful to the student and I could see where I went wrong in some of the areas in my answers.

Affordable course

The programme was also very affordable compared to other legal education providers.

The monthly subscription for the course is also excellent as you can pause or stop any time without having to pay for an annual fee.

Study on the go and study light

You could study on the go, even when flying as all you need is wi-fi. I did a lot of flying from September to January as I had work and family commitments across the world. I was able to watch the videos and study on the plane. You don’t even need a pen and notebook: you can use the notebook on your laptop.

You can study light. Not being able to carry heavy legal textbooks in my suitcase, I was happy that I was able to study on the plane with my laptop.

Excellent course for those from a non-british background, and for foreign lawyers 

The course is also very good for those like me who don’t have a British university background, who have got no legal knowledge but have got some legal practice.

I decided to give the course a shot and here I am! I was very happy with it.

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