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Our students say: 

I passed with a comfortable margin … I couldn’t be happier … Future Solicitor went through all the topics listed on what could be tested …” (Kieren)

I was on holiday when the email came through and I’d passed …. I found with using Future Solicitor that I could cover more ground … the reality of the exam is that you need to be spoon-fed: this is the rule, this is how it applies” (Nick)


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  • Focused material: You’ll learn just what you need to know to pass the July 2024 exams, no more and no less.
  • Learn faster: … in less time, and avoid getting lost in reams of unnecessary or unfocused study material from the main providers. If you need to cram for the July 2024 exams, that’s OK, you can start with us now. We designed this course so that you can focus just on the areas you want, or cover everything (flexibility is what you get).
  • Visual SQE learning: Diagrams and colourful notes for each element of the SQE curriculum. We designed this course for visual learners. There is literally a diagram and video animation for each and every point on the SRA’s curriculum for SQE.
  • No tie in: Monthly sign up, cancel at any time. This means you can revise intensively for the July 2024 exams and test yourself for the coming month with no tie in.